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None – Assets are never deleted from the render servers' cache.
Age (hours) – Assets are kept for the specified amount of time. At the end of the rendering, the render servers will delete assets that have been transferred before the specified time limit.
Size (GB) – When the size of the assets on a render server exceeds the specified amount, least recently used assets are automatically deleted at the end of each render until the folder size is less than the limit.


Server name or IP address – A text field to enter the name or IP address of the machine to use as a DR server(slave).

Port number – Specifies the port number at which where the DR server operates.

Server alias/description – A text field to place notes about the particular DR server.


Toggle status – Toggles the state of the selected server(s) between enabled and disabled disabled.

Edit – Modifies the information for the selected entry in the list.


2. Set-up the Render Client. In the Maya interface, open the  Render Settings window, in the Settings tab under the System rollout click on the Settings button in the Distributed Rendering group. Add all the Render Servers by inputting their IP's in the  Add Server name or IP  field field and click on the Add Server button. You can include or exclude the servers in the list in the current rendering by selecting them from the list and toggling the Toggle Status button.


Fancy Bullets
  • When you cancel a DR rendering, it may take some time for the render servers to finish working and they may not be immediately available for another render.

  • Servers can be added, removed, enabled, and disabled while running a distributed render. Note that DR is not supported for production rendering on the GPU, but it is supported in IPR mode. During a progressive or IPR rendering, nodes can only be added or enabled while rendering. While rendering, some of the options will be disabled. Stop the render to make adjustments to such options.

  • Distributed rendering on Mac OS X via Autodesk Backburner requires special settings. See the Distributed Rendering page for more information.