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titleVRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS Examples...
Code Block
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=gpu // only GPU devices will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=titan;// Titan GPUs will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=intel cpu;gtx 980 // Intel CPU devices and GTX 980 devices will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=titan index0;titan index2 // the first and third GTX Titan graphics card installed on the machine will be used

VRAY_MAC_GPUEnables Though GPU rendering with CUDA rendering on MacOS devices . V-Ray is no longer supports GPU CUDA rendering on MacOS devices, but the old behavior is still accessible by setting supported, the advanced users can bring back the old behavior by using this environment variable. A value of 0 is the default disabled CUDA rendering, and a value of 1 enables the GPU render. Enabling this environment variable is at your own risk!



VRAY_FOR_MAYA_VP2_GAMMA – Prior to Maya 2013.5, all textures shown with VRay materials in Viewport 2.0 are linear. You must enable the viewport gamma to see the proper color correction. This is similar to how VRay (and most other software works). However, Maya itself does not convert the texture to linear space. In 2013.5 and next, VRay tries to mimic that behavior. If you like to revert to linear workflow, set this variable to 1.