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Saves the current image (or the currently selected render element) into a single file.

Saves all the render elements into separate files. (available from flyout).

Saves all the render elements in a single file. If a multi-channel type file is used (.exr, .vrimg) all the render elements will be saved in the same file. (available from flyout).

Opens an image file to be previewed in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

This button copies the current channel to the clipboard along with the color corrections applied and the background image.

Clears the contents of the frame buffer. Sometimes helpful when starting a new render to prevent confusion with the previous image.

Forces V-Ray to render the closest bucket found to the mouse pointer. Drag the mouse over the V-Ray frame buffer while rendering to see which buckets are rendered first. You can turn this on and off on-the-fly while rendering

Allows you to render regions in the V-Ray VFB.

Links the V-Ray VFB to Pdplayer.

Stops the current rendering.

Repeat the last render.