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Lens Effects is a render effect plug-in that simulates real-world camera lens effects such as bloom and glare. The Lens Effects plug-in uses a fast multi-threaded technique to compute the result. The effects are visible in the VFB immediately. Using Lens Effects creates a channel in the VFB named effectsResult which holds the image that results after the effects are executed over the RGB rendered image.

Clicking the Open lens effects settings button on the VFB Toolbar opens the Lens Effects fly-out.

V-Ray includes a standalone Lens Effects Generator Tool for composing filters.


The Lens Effects window can be docked or undocked from the VFB by right-clicking the Open lens effects settings button.






UI Path: ||V-Ray Frame Buffer Toolbar|| > Open lens effects settings button

Image RemovedImage Added


Result Channel


Glare Image – Specifies the path to the filter kernel. Available if From Image option is selected. you can create filters using the Filter generator tool which comes with the V-Ray for Maya 3ds Max installation.

Turn On Diffraction – Turns the diffraction on, producing colored patterns in the glare.


However, using the Save separate render channels option from the Frame buffer rollout to save all layers as separate files will save the effectsResult channel to a file with the text RGB_color appended to its name, and the RGB channel as origRGB instead.