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Fancy Bullets
  • You can use the Vthe V-Ray Light Mtl as a light source assigned to an object. Increasing the Color multiplier will affect the GI solution and will produce more light. Note that overly bright colors may look the same as pure white but the GI results will be different.
  • If you know the photometric power of a self-illuminated object in lumens (e.g. 1700 lm for a 100-watt bulb) you can calculate the Color multiplier for V-Ray Light Mtl if you divide the lumens by the surface area of the object in meters, provided that the self-illuminated color is pure white.
  • The direct illumination options currently only work properly if the V-Ray Light Mtl material is the only material applied on the object. They will not work if the material is part of a complex material like V-Ray Blend Mtl material. This restriction will probably be removed in a future release.