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Another use of the PhoenixFD GridTex is for rendering via an external volumetric Shader such as the V-Ray Environment Fog. See the External Volumetric Shader section on the Tips and Tricks page for more information.


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titleUI Path: ||Material Editor window|| > Material/Map Browser > Maps > PhoenixFD > PhoenixFDGridTex


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Source node | node  – Allows you to specify a Fire Smoke Simulator | FireSmokeSim or a Liquid Simulator | LiquidSim. Note that if the Grid Texture is plugged into a Particle Shader's Color Map slot and the Grid Texture's Coordinate Source is Object XYZ, then Liquid Simulator should also be enabled and connected in the Particle Shader, otherwise the Grid Texture wouldn't know how to get mapped because the Particle Shader has no grid box like the Phoenix Simulator.


Skip the Displacement | skip_fine_displ  – When enabled, the content is sampled without adding Phoenix displacement.