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Box – Displays cells as cubes. There is no blending between neighbor cells. This is the fastest mode.
Linear – Linear blending occurs between neighbor cells to smooth out the fluid's look. Sometimes this mode may unveil the grid-like structure of the fluid. Up to 20-30% faster than the Spherical option.
Spherical – Uses special weight-based sampling for the smoothest looking fluid. With increasing resolution, the visual advantage between this method and the Linear method becomes less noticeable.


Color Scale | output_scale – Sets the output value of the selected channel.

Color Offset | output_offset – Offsets the output value of the selected channel.

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Rescale Grid Channel – Rescales the output values of a grid channel to a certain range.

Min – Sets the minimum value.

Max – Sets the maximum value.

Rescale to Current Frame – Rescales the channel based on the value in the current frame.

Rescale to Entire Sequence – Rescales the channel based on the values in the entire cache sequence.

Close – Closes the Rescale Grid Channel dialog window.

Skip the Displacement | skip_fine_displ  – When enabled, the content is sampled without adding Phoenix displacement.