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Use Probabilistic Shading | prob_rend – When This mode works only for Simulators in Volumetric render Mode and Particle Shaders which have their Render as Geometry option disabled. When Use Probabilistic Shading is enabled, the volumetrics will select a only few samples (based on the smoke density) along each camera ray, and evaluate the volume lighting at those points. When disabled, the volumetrics will evaluate the lighting at each step of the ray-marching algorithm. The probabilistic mode is regular intervals using many steps along each camera ray, and thus each pixel will take much longer to render, but when it's finished, it will have no noise at all. Enabling Use Probabilistic Shading is particularly useful when using the Progressive Image Sampler in V-Ray, as well as when using complex lighting on the volume.

Samples | prob_samples – Specifies the number of probabilistic samples to use when Use Probabilistic Shading is enabled. For the best rendering performance, use a higher number of samples for transparent smoke, and lower number for dense smoke. A very high number of samples will converge to standard ray-marching. 

GI Samples | prob_samples_gi – Specifies the number of probabilistic samples to use for GI rays. The number of samples depends on whether the volumetric has an emissive component. Brighter emission requires more samples, while pure smoke can work with fewer.