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This page provides information on installing V-Ray for Nuke through a silent installation.


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A silent installation allows you to complete V-Ray installation without user input during the process using a predefined set of options. To set up a silent installation follow the instructions below.


Run the installation file from the command prompt with the -gui=0 argument

vray_adv_3500041001_nukex_x64.exe -gui=0

Follow the instructions of the install and set-up the installation the way you want to have it on all machines This will create a file named config.xml in the folder of the installation file.

Run the installer with the following command:

vray_adv_ 3500041001_nukex _x64.exe -gui=0 -configFile="xml_file.xml" -quiet=1


To perform a silent install first run the installer with the “ -gui=0 ” argument: 

$ sudo ./vray_adv_ 3500041001_nukex _linux_x64 -gui=0

Follow the instructions and setup the installation in the way you want it to be installed on all machines. Once the installation is complete a file named config.xml will be created in the folder from which the installation was run. You can now use this file to configure your silent install on other machines. To do that run the installer with the following arguments:
-configFile="config.xml" -gui=0 -quiet=1 -ignoreErrors=1

$ sudo ./vray_adv_ 3500041001_nukex _linux_x64 -configFile="config.xml" -gui=0 -quiet=1 -ignoreErrors=1