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The VThe V-Ray Dome Light is a V-Ray specific light source plugin that can be used to create physically accurate area lights.

Rotating the viewport Dome Light widget affects the Dome projection on all 3 axes. 







Enabled () – Turns the V-Ray Dome Light on and off.

Color/Texture HDR – Specifies the color of the light. When using photometric units, this color is normalized so that only the color hue is used, whereas the light intensity is determined by the light Intensity. Specifies an HDRI or texture file for the V-Ray Dome Light, and enables or disables it. The texture intensity is also affected by the Intensity of the light.

UI Text Box

Textures attached to the Color/Texture HDR slot are controlled only by the Texture Resolution parameter and ignore the GPU Texture mode.

Intensity – Specifies the strength of the light.


Emit Distance  – Defines a sphere around the light icon from which photons are being shot towards the target radius area.




Fancy Bullets
  • Left-clicking the Dome Light V-Ray toolbar button leads to creating a Dome light at a specified point, and right-clicking – as a spherical dome light. These options are also available in the vrayLightDome command.