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Rate – The rate at which the the Level of detail adjustment is applied. Starting from the distance specified in the Start distance parameter, V-Ray decreases the density and increase the thickness of the strands by a factor of two for every n units of space specified by the Rate parameter.







Material – When disabled, the V-Ray Fur uses the material of the base mesh for shading. When enabled, it allows you to assign a different material.


CopyCutClear the selected material or Paste as Instance another material into the slot is also available.






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Gravity Direction – Manually specifies the gravity vector.

Ignore Parent Mesh Displacement – When enabled, ignores the displacement and generates the fur based on the original undisplaced object. By default, V-Ray Fur will follow the displaced object's geometry.





Fancy Bullets
  • Fur objects can be copied either using the Copy tool or by using the Gumball selector and holding Alt + Left click to drag the Fur Object.
  • Global viewport display of the selected VRayFur can be toggled from any associated object.
  • Fur can be Linked or Unlinked from one or more objects in the V-Ray tab in the Rhino Properties Panel.