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The first option under V-Ray configuration is Disable GPU rendering. It allows V-Ray Swarm to be configured as a node without GPU. Thus it won't appear in the discovery process. This option is very useful when a V-Ray Swarm node must be used as a desktop computer. In order to have good UI performance, the administrator of the machine may set Disable GPU rendering to true and the machine will not emerge in the discovery process of GPU-related jobs.

The second option under V-Ray configuration is the V-Ray server port that V-Ray Standalone will run on. The default port is set to 20208. If needed, it can be changed. Please note that the new port should be allowed to pass through the local machine's firewall.

The second third option here is Number of threads. It determines how many threads will be used for rendering. When this value is set to 0, V-Ray will use all the CPU cores available on the machine. 

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