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Official release

Date – Jul. 18, 2017

Download – Build 3.60.01


New Features



Fancy Bullets
  • Support for Katana 2.5 and 2.6 on Linux and Windows

  • Add support for creases by using OpenSubdiv

  • Add support for CameraDome

  • Support VRayVolumeGrid
  • Add options to control the texture manager cache size
  • Add new parameters for Round edges
  • Expose the random_seed parameter in the DMC settings
  • Denoiser support
  • Expose gi_quality_multiplier in the VrayObjectSettings node
  • Add Shelf script that setups TexSky for the environment
  • Add the Glossy Fresnel to the VRayMtl shader
  • Add option to enable adaptive lights
  • Add support for SSS ID to be able to group multiple objects as part of a bigger object
  •  Add support for full Light select render element
  • Basic support for Particles
  • Add the Elliptical filtering mode to VRayBitmap shader
  • Add raw filter elements for the diffuse, reflection and refraction channels
  • Implement hardware acceleration support for lens effects
  • Option to get the strand length from hair sampler