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The V-Ray installer will automatically uninstall any previous versions before installing a newer version. If you need to manually uninstall V-Ray, please make sure that 3ds Max or V-Ray components are not being used. For silent uninstallation, see the Silent Install and Uninstall page. 


Uninstalling V-Ray


To access the V-Ray uninstaller, go to Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > V-Ray Next 4.0 for 3ds Max 20xx > Uninstall V-Ray for 3ds Max.


This will start the V-Ray uninstaller. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove V-Ray from your system and restore any files overwritten by the installation.


Silent Uninstall of V-Ray


V-Ray for 3ds Max can be silently uninstalled from a console with the following command line:

Code Block
<STDROOT>\uninstall>installer.exe -uninstall="<STDROOT>\uninstall\install.log" -uninstallApp="V-Ray Next for 3ds Max ####" -auto -quiet=0


Fancy Bullets
  • <STDROOT> is the V-Ray installation directory;
  • #### is the version of 3ds Max;
  • -quiet=0 is used to display the output of the silent uninstall in the console and can be omitted.

Leftover Files


After the uninstall is complete, there may be some leftover files that you need to delete. Please check if the following files and folders are present and delete them: