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This approach will work works well for render servers where V-Ray is used only for rendering. However, it has a few limitations when 3ds Max is used in interactive mode , related to the fact that because some 3ds Max paths cannot be controlled; these limitations can be avoided by expanding the .bat file above to copy some additional files from the network location to the local 3ds Max user folder:

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  • MaxScripts provided by V-Ray will are not be available (V-Ray scene converter, Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter and others). They To make them available, they must be copied to the "scripts\startup" folder of 3ds Max to make them available.

  • "Realistic" view of V-Ray materials and maps in the Nitrous viewport will is not be available and attempting to use this mode may might lead to crashes. To make the "Realistic" view work, the viewport shaders must be copied to the relevant 3ds Max folder ("NVIDIA" for 3ds Max 2015, "AMG" for 3ds Max 2016).

  • Icons for the V-Ray toolbar will be are missing and some buttons may might not work properly. To make the icons appear, they must be copied to the 3ds Max "UI_In" folders, and the V-Ray MaxScripts must be copied to the "scripts\startup" folder.

  • The .vrmat editor will is not be available. To make it work, additional files need to must be copied to the 3ds Max "python" folder.

  • V-Ray OSL shaders does not work when started from a network location. OSL shaders will only work if run_max.bat (or run_vrayspawner.bat) is started from network or local drive. In order to use V-Ray OSL, the shared folder should must be mapped as a network drive.


  • Viewport IPR is not available. To make it available, the V-Ray folder (arbitrary location...\3ds Max 2019\scripts) must be copied to the "scripts" folder of 3ds Max.