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Note: Textures that have any of the render-time tags listed below will not be resolved properly by the 3ds Max Asset Tracker (i.e. when creating .zip archives of the scene). However, they will work correctly with the V-Ray automatic transfer of assets for distributed rendering.

Tags for Multi-Tiles

Some modeling applications allow to specify a different bitmap file for different portions of a model based on the UV coordinates of that model. For example, one file may be used for UVs in the range [0,0] x (1,1), another file may be used for UVs in [1,0] x (2,1) and so on. There are several ways to specify the correct file for each tile, and in each case, a different format for the file name is used in the File node. This is done by using special tags in the file name, which are replaced at render time with a particular string based on the UVs of the current shading point.


You can put a number right after the $ sign to specify how many digits you want in the resulting tile coordinates, for example my_texture_$2U_$2V.exr is expanded to my_texture_01_01.exr and so on.

The <frameNum> tag

The frameNum tag can be used to specify an image sequence. V-Ray loads a sequence from the same path. To use the frameNum tag, just add <frameNum> to your texture filename.

For example, if the first image in the sequence is located at C:\textures\myImage.0001.png, change the string to C:\textures\myImage.<frameNum>.png and V-Ray will look for an image that corresponds to each frame within the animation range.

Environment Variables

You can include environment variables in the form ${VAR_NAME} which are replaced with the value of the respective environment variable during rendering. For example, if the file name is specified as ${TEX_PATH}\${PROJ_FOLDER}\mytexture.exr, then V-Ray will look up the environment variables TEX_PATH and PROJ_FOLDER and replace the tags with their values. Suppose that TEX_PATH is set to c:\textures and PROJ_FOLDER is set to proj1, then the final bitmap file name will be expanded as c:\textures\proj1\mytexture.exr