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Disabled – Disables the diffuse color.
Temperature – Uses the temperature channel.
Smoke – Uses the smoke channel.
Speed – Uses the magnitude of the velocity channel.
Texture – Uses an external texture map.
Constant color – Uses the color in the Constant color swatch.
RGB – Uses a plain color.
Fuel – Uses the fuel channel.

? – Opens the help documents.

Texture | dtxt – If the Based on parameter is set to Texture, or if Modulate is enabled, this slot specifies the texture to be used.


UI Text Box
  1. This option refers to the internal Volume Grid Light Cache, which is not related to the V-Ray Light Cache.
  2. When using V-Ray Progressive Rendering, this option might slow down rendering startup or the overall render speed. 
  3. This feature might produce artifacts when the smoke is very dense.
  4. This feature might produce artifacts when objects cast shadows through the smoke.
  5. Rendering multiple copies or instances of the Volume Grid node with this option turned on might lead to slow-downs.
  6. When rendering in Volumetric Geometry mode, for any of these Render Elements: [ Shadows ], [ Raw Shadows ], [ Global Illumination ], [ Raw Global Illumination ] , the Volume Grid Light Cache will require additional memory to produce the correct result. Please be aware that these Render Elements (and most other V-Ray Render Elements except for [ Atmosphere ] and [ Self-Illumination ] ) do not work in Volumetric mode.
  7. This option is ignored when using V-Ray GPU. It is a CPU-only feature that helps speed up Bucket rendering.

Light Cache Speedup subred – This value affects the amount of light sampling. Lower values cause less sampling, which speeds up the rendering but decreases the smoke's quality and increases noise. This option is available only when Use Light Cache is enabled.


Color gradient | dcolorx_t, dcolory_t, dcolorx_s, dcolory_s, dcolorx_v, dcolory_v, dcolorx_f, dcolory_f – If Based on is set to a channel of the VRayVolumeGrid, this parameter controls how the smoke color appears based on the channel's value. The selected channel's data range is denoted by a blue-green line.


UI Text Box

 You can use the following controls in the color gradient:

Double click – Creates a new point or changes an existing one.
Left button drag over a point
– Moves the point. If several points were selected beforehand, they will move the same amount.
Left button drag over several points
– Selects several points.
Middle button drag over the background
– Drags the visible area.
Mouse wheel
– Zooms in/out.
Right click
– Displays a drop-down menu where you can add a point, edit or delete a selected point, and fit the entire gradient into the view. If multiple points are selected, they can be edited simultaneously



Fancy Bullets
  • The diffuse color needs external light to become visible. If you are using a 3ds Max omni light, it should have Shadows and Atmosphere Shadows enabled, as well as Ray Traced Shadows for defscanline or VRayShadow for V-Ray. V-Ray lights will work right off the bat with their default settings.