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It is possible to use vertex color maps to style the fur. A separate tool for this task, VRayFurStyler, is available for download here.





Fancy Bullets
  • Avoid applying textures with Object XYZ mapping to the fur. If you need to use a 3d procedural texture, apply a UVW Map modifier to the source object with the option to convert XYZ to UVW coordinates and use explicit mapping for the texture.
  • Avoid having very large triangles covered with fur, since the fur is generated in groups corresponding to triangles of the original mesh.
  • Shadow maps will not include information about the VRayFur. However, other objects will cast shadows on the fur, even with shadow maps.
  • Sharp VRayShadows may produce flickering with VRayFur in animations, because the lighting situation of individual strands will change very rapidly. Area shadows or VRayLights may produce smoother results.
  • VRayFur will not work with VRayPlane as a base object.