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VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS – Specifies the CUDA or OpenCL devices to be used for V-Ray GPU rendering. This variable is automatically set when a device is selected using the V-Ray GPU settings in in 3ds Max (or the equivalent external tool provided with the V-Ray installation ocldeviceselect.exe ). If the variable is not set, all available devices will be used. The syntax allows a case insensitive pattern matching of any value to a device name, vendor, type and its index. More than one values can be specified by separating them with a semi-column.

titleVRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS Examples...
Code Block
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=gpu // only GPU devices will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=titan;amd // Titan GPUs and AMD GPUs will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=intel cpu;gtx 980 // Intel CPU OpenCL devices and GTX 980 devices will be used
VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS=titan index0;titan index2 // the first and third GTX Titan graphics card installed on the machine will be used