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Sample size
Sample size



Example: Sample Size


The Sample size parameter controls the size of the individual light cache samples. Smaller values produce a more detailed lighting solution, but are noisier and take more RAM. Larger values produce less detail, but take less RAM and may be faster to calculate. 


The following parameters are added to the list of visible settings available from the Light cache rollout when set to the Expert Render UI Mode.

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Type – Specifies which method to use to calculate the Light cache.

Hash map – This is the default light cache type for new scenes. It is a new light cache implementation that is simpler and produces less flickering in animations. 
KD tree – The original light cache implementation. Old light cache files can use only this method.

Leak prevention – Enables additional calculations to prevent light leaks and reduce flickering with the light cache. A value of 0.0 disables the leak prevention. The default value of 0.8 should be adequate for most cases.