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Command Line Usage

There are two methods for running the vrimg2exr converter from the command line. In both cases, the original .vrimg file is not deleted.

Converting a single .vrimg file to a single .exr file:

> vrimg2exr  <vrimg _file> <exr_file> [options]

In this case, the <vrimg_file> cannot contain wildcards. Note that the .exr extension is not added automatically to the output file name.

Converting multiple .vrimg files to multiple .exr files:

> vrimg2exr  <vrimg_wildcard>  [options]

In this case, <vrimg_wildcard> can contain the wild-card symbols '*' and '?'; the .vrimg files will automatically be converted to OpenEXR files with the .exr file extension.

UI Text Box

Under Linux and OS X, parameters with wildcards must be placed within apostrophe symbols -'image_wildcard'. Otherwise the command line shell will automatically expand the wildcard into file list, which will force the program to terminate.