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You can also use the Irradiance Map Viewer, a standalone tool that allows you to navigate through a 3D projected version of a scene to view were GI samples were taken. 

Irradiance Map GI is not supported with V-Ray GPU engine.


UI Path



||Render Settings window|| > GI tab > Irradiance map rollout  
(When Irradiance map is selected as primary bounces engine) 


Fancy Bullets
  • You can view, merge and save irradiance maps with the Irradiance Map Viewer tool.
  • For animated irradiance maps, GI samples on different objects are not shared; this may lead to small objects to appear black in the final renders. To solve this issue, group those objects together - this will work as GI samples are shared for objects which are part of the same group.
  • Irradiance Map is not an available option when using the GPU renderer.