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||Render Settings window|| > Settings tab > System rollout

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Raycaster Parameters


Low thread priority – When enabled, the rendering process will have a lower thread priority to allow other processes to run faster.

Memory Tracking



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Enable memory tracking – Enables tracking of how much memory is used by V-Ray for different categories of objects like textures, geometry, GI, image sampling, etc. Enabling this option generates .html reports with detailed information on memory usage. 

Output directory – Specifies the location to save the memory reports. The default location is the user temp directory.

Show last report – Opens the last saved report in a browser.


Post Effects Rate



Post effects rate – The regularity of updates during the progressive rendering; roughly the percentage of the time effects like denoising and/or lens effects are allowed to take compared to the frame render time. Zero disables updates during the progressive rendering, while larger values cause the effects to be updated more frequently; 100 causes updates as often as possible. Values ranging from 5 to 10 are usually sufficient.