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The VRayRaySwitch is a utility texture that can return different colors or textures when a surface is sampled by different rays i.e. GI, reflection, refraction etc. For example, this allows for a material where the diffuse is one color when viewed directly from the camera and another color when viewed through a reflection.

The example on the right uses VRayRaySwitch on the grey ball to make it render Red when it comes to Global Illumination, Blue when it's seen in Reflections, and Yellow through Refractions.

This is similar to Extra V-Ray Material Overrides Attributes, but on a texture level instead of at the shader level. Also, it doesn't matter where the Ray Switch is plugged in to the main material, unless you're adjusting the texture for Shadow rays. It it commonly connected to the Diffuse Color channel so it's easy to find and adjust later.