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Shadow subdivs – The number of samples for the area shadow of the sun. Higher values produce area shadows with better quality, but render slower. Note that this parameter is available for changing only when Use local subdivs is enabled in the DMC Sampler SettingsThis parameter option is not available inactive when the renderer is set to CUDAusing the V-Ray CUDA engine.

Shadow bias – Moves the shadow toward or away from the shadow-casting object (or objects). Higher values move the shadow toward the object(s) while lower values move it away. If this value is too extreme, shadows can "leak" through places they shouldn't or "detach" from an object. Other effects from extreme values include Moire patterns, out-of-place dark areas on surfaces, and shadows not appearing at all in the rendering. For more information, see the Shadow Bias example below.

Shadow Color – Sets the color of the V-Ray Sun and Sky shadows. This option is inactive when using the V-Ray CUDA engine.




Example: Shadow Bias

In the example renders below, the common settings are Shadow subdivision: 32, Intensity multiplier: 1, Size multiplier: 3.0, while the Shadow bias is the only attribute adjusted between renders. The values shown in the example are highly exaggerated to help show the effect the Shadow bias has on the scene. The change in the shadow position is most noticeable on the front of the building below the roof line where the shadow cast by the roof recedes back toward the top left overhang of the roof as the Shadow bias value increases.


Caustics subdivs – Used by V-Ray when calculating Caustics. Lower values mean more noisy results but will render faster. Higher values produce smoother results but take more time. This option is inactive when using the V-Ray CUDA engine.

Caustics Multiplier – Used by V-Ray when calculating Caustics. This multiplier controls the brightness of the caustics. This option is inactive when using the V-Ray CUDA engine.

UI Text Box

Photon Subdivs and Diffuse Multiplier parameters no longer show in the UI, as they are related to the Photon Map GI engine, which is deprecated. They are still accessible through script.