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The options for this rollout are accessible when the Render Mode is set to MeshOcean Mesh, or Cap Mesh.




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Mesh Type | rendMeshType – Specifies the type of mesh to render.


Smoothing Particle Size | rendSmoothPrtSz – When Use Liquid Particles for Smoothing is enabled, this specifies the size of the FLIP Liquid particles.

Velocity Color Set rendMayaMeshVelSet – You can use this field to control the name of the color set with vertex velocities that will be needed for rendering the mesh with motion blur. For example, VRayProxy in Maya looks for a color set named 'v' or 'velocity'. Unlike VRayProxy, in order to get motion blur rendering of the Maya Mesh or an imported Alembic, you have to manually put the name of the color set into the Mesh Shape → Mesh Controls → Motion Vector Color Set field. In order to export the mesh as Alembic with included velocity, make sure to enable Write Color Sets in the Advanced Options of the Alembic Export window.




Example: Ocean Subdivisions