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  •  The .mtsc file format is removed from valid extensions as it is deprecated


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  • Auto-saved renders are named based on selected view and time-stamped so history can be kept
  • Resolution dialog is redesigned to provide more flexibility and include information about camera settings dependencies
  • Easier multitasking — Now you can open and switch between multiple Revit projects, and each project will keep its own frame buffer and render settings. Production renders are not interrupted. Interactive render is automatically stopped when switching to another project
  • Warning is shown if V-Ray renderer is running when the user is closing the rendered document
  • Filter of Material Maps and V-Ray Fur tabs of Asset Browser is extended with:
    • Options to filter by transparency of the AutoGen material;
    • Options to filter by mapping type: AutoGen, V-Ray Material, Diffuse Texture, Color;
    • Option to filter by the "Latest Render" that has been executed
  • Default V-Ray plugins parameters are customizable through VRayPlugins.json
  • All settings from VRay4Revit.ini are moved to config.json
  • VFB color correction settings are saved per project
  • Tooltips are added to help understand V-Ray settings usage
  • Tooltips of Swarm tags include important statistics about available resources
  • Help button is added to all dialogs
  • Windows can be closed with ESCAPE key
  • Added filter_generator.exe to tools