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Overwrite Existing File(s) – When enabled, V-Ray will automatically overwrite overwrites any existing vrmesh files.

Create Intermediate Dirs – When enabled, intermediate directories will be are created during the export process.


Export Each Selected Object In Separate File – Creates a different file for each selected object. The name of each file is derived from the name of the corresponding Maya node. Unless the World Transform option is enabled, the transformation of an object is not included in its mesh file, and the corresponding proxy must have the same transformation as the original object if it is to appear in the same place. Note that you can use this option even with a single object, which will cause causes the object's pivot to be preserved in the exported  .vrmesh  file.

Use Last As Preview – When enabled, the last mesh that was selected using Shift + click will be  is used as a preview mesh for the proxy.


None – Transformation information is not baked.
World Transform – Each object will have has its world transform information baked.

Export Velocity – Enabling this option will export option exports velocity information for the moving objects. This makes it possible to add motion blur to the final animation. However, exporting this extra information takes longer. If you are not going to need motion blur it makes sense to disable this option.

Velocity Range – Specifies the range for which velocity information will be is exported.

Simplification Type – Specifies the simplification algorithm to use when generating preview geometry.


One Voxel Per Mesh – Exports each separate mesh to a single voxel. This generally tends to make rendering faster if there is enough RAM, however it causes V-Ray to load the entire mesh at once, which might slow down the rendering if the dynamic memory limit is close to being reached. If you intend to use the V-Ray proxy as a geometry cache for characters or other relatively small objects, enabling this option will improve improves performance.

Max faces per voxel – Specifies the maximum number of faces that a voxel can hold. Increase this value for meshes with a large number of faces.


Pre-Render Script– The specified script will be is executed before the exporting takes place. 

Pre-Frame Script – The specified script will be is executed before exporting each frame.

Post-Frame Script – The specified script will be is executed after exporting each Frame.

Post-Render Script – The specified script will be executed is executed after the exporting takes place.