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Ocean map | ocean – Specifies the Ocean Texture map used as force generator. Third party maps cannot be used because the force is not obtained directly by applying the displacement field; an internal functionality is used insteadto generate the waves. The settings of the Ocean Texture influence the look and behavior of the waves as well.

Strength | strength – Specifies a – A multiplier of for the nominal force. The nominal force produces wave height similar to the displaced waves. In most cases, the crests of these waves are not broken. If stormy waves with crests producing splash and mist are required, set this value around 4-6force. When Massive Wave Force is off, this might need to be increased to 4-6 in order to mimic the shape and height of the pure ocean waves from the Ocean Texture.

Affect | affect – Specifies the affected components of the simulation separated by commas. The supported elements are:

Liquid, Foam, Splashes, MistAir, Temperature, Smoke, Fuel, Velocity (using the 'Velocity' you can affect Drag particles).

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Affect Names are not case sensitive and any unknown element found in the list is ignored.

When the Massive Wave Force is off, only the Liquid particles will be affected by the Wave Force.


Fluid Freedom
| fluidfree – Balances between the strictness of the Wave Force and the free movement of the liquid. When set to 0 the Wave Force will try to strictly follow the used ocean texture as close as possible. Setting it to 1 will allow the liquid to roughly follow the ocean texture while maintaining free liquid behavior. The Scene Scale will have a big impact on the Fluid Freedom. When the Fluid Freedom is above 0, larger scene scale will allow the fluid to better follow the ideal wave, while when having a smaller scene scale the Gravity won't let the waves raise rise as much.


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The following video shows the workflow for setting up a simulation of a tunnel wave using the Wave Force.

<iframe width="960" height="540" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>