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The V-Ray Progress Window provides a detailed log about the current render. It shows some useful information such as texture or material issues, the number of raycasts, etc.

UI Text Box

The V-Ray Progress Window needs to be opened at least once for the log to appear. Render information prior to that action will not be printed.



The nested progress bar at the bottom of the VFB gives real-time updates about the status of the render process. The full progress log can still be accessed in the V-Ray Progress window which is opened through the small square button at the bottom-right corner of the VFB.





V-Ray Asset Editor


The V-Ray Asset Editor allows for convenient management of V-Ray related assets and V-Ray render settings. For more information, see the V-Ray Asset Editor page.


The V-Ray File Path Editor is a file managing tool that lets you set file paths, create scene archives and keep track of different assets. For more information, see the File Path Editor page.