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This submenu contains shortcuts to general V-Ray components.




Renders the current view with the V-Ray production renderer.

Render Interactive

Starts a V-Ray Interactive Render.

Viewport RenderStarts a render directly in the viewport.
Viewport Render RegionLets you specify a render region in the viewport.
Export V-Ray SceneExports a VRScene for render.
Export Viewport Image

Exports the viewport image to LayOut.

Batch RenderStarts a V-Ray Batch Render.
Chaos Cloud Batch RenderStarts a batch render in the Chaos Cloud. This feature is temporarily unavailable.


This submenu contains shortcuts for creating V-Ray Geometry objects.



Infinite PlaneCreates a V-Ray Infinite Plane.
Export ProxyExports a V-Ray Proxy object.
Import Proxy or V-Ray SceneImports a V-Ray Proxy object or a V-Ray Scene  file into the scene.
Add Fur to SelectionCreates a V-Ray Fur Object. Specify an object in the viewport that the fur is applied to.
Convert to ClipperCreates a V-Ray Mesh Clipper plane.


This submenu contains shortcuts for additional V-Ray functions.

 Image Added

Image Removed


Camera Focus ToolSets a focus point for the camera directly in the viewport.
Wipe V-Ray data from projectPurges the scene of all V-Ray related information. This includes the removal of all V-Ray Lights, Component Definitions, Proxies, and Materials.
Randomize Project Material ID ColorsAllows you to assign a random color ID to your materials. This provides a workaround for materials from v2.0 scenes which all have black color IDs.
GPU Device SelectionOpens the GPU Selection menu.
Enable Solid WidgetsEnables the use of faces for the viewport widgets. Only lines are used when this option is disabled.
Hide V-Ray WidgetsHides V_Ray Lights, Fur, Infinite Plane, and Mesh Clippers widgets from the viewport. This option does not affect rendering.
Colorize Textures
(Experimental feature)
Allows the SketchUp colorization to affect the rendered image. Note that it does not affect the material preview in the Asset Editor.
UI Text Box

The GPU Device Selection tool is not available on the Mac OS X version of V-Ray for SketchUp.


The V-Ray UV Tools can be used to apply a material and set the mapping at the same time. This can be achieved by executing the V-Ray UV Mapping function with a material selected and the Paint Bucket (SketchUp tool) active.





1 – When applying Spherical projection only to specific parts of an object, the mapping occurs incorrectits mapping may appear incorrectly.