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WIBU-KEY Drivers Issues


When installing the WIBU-KEY drivers you get the following error:

Image RemovedImage Added


When uninstalling the WIBU-KEY drivers you get the following error:

Image RemovedImage Added


When you plug-in the dongle or when you try to run V-Ray License Server you get one of the following errors:

Image RemovedImage Added


Image RemovedImage Added


These errors are caused by the recently added Microsoft Update KB3004394 (added on December 2014 for Windows Root Certificate Program).  Affected operating systems are Windows 7 and higher. This update breaks the WIBU-KEY driver.
There is a workaround given by WIBU here:

After you complete the steps given by WIBU follow the instructions below in order to repair your WIBU-KEY driver

1. Unplug all WIBU-KEY dongles from the PC

2. Go to Start > Control Panel > "Programs and Features" and uninstall the WIBU-KEY drivers by double clicking on WibuKey Setup (WibuKey Remove)

Image RemovedImage AddedImage Removed

Image Added

3. Follow the instructions of the Uninstaller

4. Open an Windows Explorer and in the address bar enter "%systemroot%\inf"

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5. Find the file wibukeyPCMCIA.inf and delete it.

6. Search for a file named oem*.inf that contains the term "WIBU". To do that enter "WIBU" in the search bar and when the search is complete click on the "File Contents" button:

Image RemovedImage Added

7. The search may take a while but in the end it should find a file named oem*.inf. Delete that file and the file with the same name but an extension PNF (eg. if you found a file named oem123.inf delete oem123.pnf)

8. In Windows Explorer in the address bar enter "%systemroot%\system32\drivers"

Image RemovedImage Added

9. Find and delete all WibuKey*.sys files.

10. Click Windows Start and in the Search field type "regedit"

Image RemovedImage Added

11. This will open the Registry Editor. Find and delete the following keys":

in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services” if any of the folders "WIBUKEY", "WibuKey2" and "WibuKey2_64" exist, find them and delete them.

in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\" find and delete the folder "WIBU-SYSTEMS"

12. Restart the computer

13. After reboot please download the latest driver form the official WIBU Systems site, under "WibuKey for Users" section here Ensure that you have administrative rights.

14. Make sure that the dongle is NOT plugged in. Double click on the installation file and follow the instructions of the installer.

15. After the installation has finished plug in the dongle.

16. The "New Hardware found" dialog  will appear and install the new hardware automatically.