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The parameters in this section affect the performance of V-Ray RT. Note that the optimal values for a given machine and network configurations may be different from the defaults. The user is encouraged to experiment with these values to find the optimal ones.

Ray bundle size  - This controls the number of rays that are sent to the V-Ray RT render servers for processing. When using distributed rendering, the smaller sizes cause more frequent client/server communication with smaller network packets thus decreasing the speed of the renderer but increasing the interactivity and vice versa. Note that this number is not the exact amount of rays, but is proportional to it. It is not recommended to increase this value beyond 512.

Rays per pixel  - The number of rays that are traced for each pixel during one image pass. The greater the value, the smoother the picture from the very beginning of the rendering with GI, but interactivity may be significantly diminished. Increasing this value also reduces amount of data transferred from the render servers back to client machine.


  • V-Ray RT in Rhino does not currently support rendering on the GPU.

  • When using V-Ray RT and Distributed Rendering you must disable localhost or from your distributed rendering servers. For additional information on distributed rendering, please
    refer to the dedicated Distributed Rendering section.