This page describes the settings of the V-Ray ambient light.


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The VRayAmbientLight is a V-Ray specific light source plugin that can be used to create light that doesn't come from a specific direction. It can be used to simulate GI, ambient occlusion, etc.



UI Paths:

Create menu > Lights > V-Ray > V-Ray Ambient Light >
click and drag in a viewport

||Create panel|| > Lights > Choose V-Ray from dropdown > VRayAmbientLight >
click and drag in a viewport

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > V-Ray Ambient Light button >
Click and drag in a viewport






enabled – Turns the light on and off.

mode – Specifies which rays are affected by the VRayAmbientLight.

Direct + GI – Affects both direct and GI rays.
Direct Light – Affects only the direct rays.
 – Affects only the GI rays.

gi min distance – Specifies a distance from objects within which the GI rays will not be affected by the ambient light.

color – Specifies the color of the VRayAmbientLight.

intensity – An intensity multiplier for the VRayAmbientLight.

light map – Specify a texture for the light. 

compensate exposure – Used when the VRayAmbientLight is used along with the Physical Camera | VRayPhysicalCamera. When enabled, this option ensures that the color of the ambient light is not affected by the exposure settings in the physical camera.

viewport wire color – Changes the wireframe color of the light in the viewports; useful to visually distinguish the light from other lights in the scene.