Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This page provides information on the Ambient Occlusion Render Element.


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The Ambient Occlusion Render Element renders the entire scene with one texture mapped onto all objects in the scene. The resulting element can be used in compositing to control ambient occlusion separately.

While you can obtain a result similar to the Ambient Occlusion render element by applying the same texture to all objects in the scene and rendering as usual, such an approach requires additional time spent on reverting to actual materials, saving different versions of the scene, etc. The Ambient Occlusion render element provides you with a quick and easy way to render the scene with a single texture without the extra work.




UI Path: ||Render Elements panel|| > Lighting rollout > Ambient Occlusion - Ambient Occlusion


Common Uses

The Ambient Occlusion Render Element is useful for changing the appearance of a render in a compositing or image editing software. 



Beauty Render Element


Beauty Composite with Ambient Occlusion composited over in multiply mode


Beauty Composite with Ambient Occlusion graded lighter and composited over in multiply mode




V-Ray AA Sample option

Subdivs per AA sample - Allows the reduction of noise by increasing the AA samples level.