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 This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for 3ds Max for most up-to-date information.

This page introduces and provides links to Utility Maps.


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V-Ray for 3ds Max adds a number of utility textures that are otherwise unavailable in 3ds Max. This group of Utility Textures allow users to perform a variety of helpful functions on texture nodes inside a scene (such as compositing texture nodes together and value conversions), as well as provide important scene data for use in compositing (such as particular distances and facing ratios).


See the links below for more information on specific utility textures.



Section Library


Unfiltered Map | VRayBmpFilter

Used for exact placement of per-polygon displacement maps.


Bump to Normal Map | VRayBump2Normal

Derives a normal map from a bump map texture.



Color to Bump Map | VRayColor2Bump

Converts any RGB texture into a bump map.


V-Ray Composite Map | VRayCompTex

Composes two textures together using provided blending modes.



Curvature Map | VRayCurvature

Samples the underlying mesh for curves.


Occlusion or Dirt Map | VRayDirt

Used for a variety of effects or producing an ambient occlusion pass.



Distance Map | VRayDistanceTex

Returns colors based on a point's distance from a specified object.


Edge Map | VRayEdgesTex

Creates an effect similar to the wireframe material in 3ds Max.




Fake Fresnel Map | VRayFakeFresnelTex

Creates a Fresnel effect with several directly controlled parameters.


Hair Information Map | VRayHairInfoTex

Used for varying different shading properties along hair/fur strands.




Multi Sub-Object Map | VRayMultiSubTex

Used to control parameters that can be mapped based on Object ID or Face ID.


Normal Bump Texture | VRayNormalMap

Applies normal map textures on V-Ray compatible geometry including proxies and displaced objects.



Particle Map | VRayParticleTex

The Particle texture map returns the color from the .color channel of alembic proxy particles.


Ptex Map | VRayPtex

Allows PTex Textures to be used with V-Ray.



Sampler Info Map | VRaySamplerInfoTex

Color image that provides color blocks of position, normal, bump normal, reflection/refraction vectors and UVW coordinates.


Triplanar Texture Mapping | VRayTriplanarTex

Allows quick assignment of 2D textures on objects without suitable UV coordinates.





User-Defined Color Map | VRayUserColor

Reads User-Defined object properties and converts them to a color value.


User-Defined Scalar Map | VRayUserScalar

Reads and returns a single number value from the User-Defined Properties as a result.