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This page contains information about V-Ray's standalone Lense Effects Filter Generator.


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The Filter Generator is a tool to create HDR filter kernals for use in the V-Ray Frame Buffer Lens Effects' Glare Image parameter.

The V-Ray Lens Effects Filter Generator is based largely on the model presented in Physically-Based Glare Effects for Digital Images [ 1 ]. For a complete list of references, please see the References and links section.




File Options




The file menu shows options for saving and loading presets and exporting the final filter kernel.


Radial Symmetric Pattern Parameters




The Radial Symmetric Pattern parameters control the scale of the overall Lens Filter.

Shape – Adjusts the size of the pattern.


Corona Flare Lines Pattern Parameters




The Corona Flare Pattern parameters control the amount of rays emanating from the source of light.

Diametric – When enabled, mirrors the pattern across the center.

Radius – Controls the size of the pattern radius.

Number of Lines – Controls the number of lines in the pattern.



Special Flare Lines Pattern Parameters




The Special Flare Pattern parameters control the pattern of the Special Flares Lines.

Ray Pattern Dropdown – Determines the number of Ray groups.

Radius – Scale of the Special Flares Lines Lens Kernal in Percent.

Number of Lines – Determines the amount of lines used in each ray pattern.

Range – Controls the spread of the Ray Pattern.

Rotation – Rotates the entire Special Flare Lines Pattern in degrees.


Lenticular Halo Parameters




The Lenticular Halo parameters control the bounds of the halo.

Inner Radius – Sets the inner bounds of the Lenticular Halo

Outer Radius – Sets the Outer bounds of the Lenticular Halo.


Mix Parameters




The Mix parameters control how the Lens Parameters mix together into the final Filter Kernal.

Pattern 1 – Sets the percentage Radial Symmetric Pattern 1 is mixed with the final Filter Kernal.

Pattern 2 – Sets the percentage Radial Symmetric Pattern 2 is mixed with the final Filter Kernal

Halo – Sets the percentage the Lenticular Halo has on the final Filter Kernal.

Aspect – Determines the Aspect Ratio of the final Filter Kernal

Apply Corona Flare Pattern – Enables filtering of the Kernal with the Corona Flare Pattern

Apply Special Flare Pattern – Enables filtering of the Kernal with the Special Flare Pattern


Here is a list of links and references about the V-Ray Sun and Sky implementation, as well as general information about the illumination of the Sun.

 [1] G. Spencer, P. Shirley, K.  Zimmerman, D.P. Greenberg Physically-Based Glare Effects for Digital Images.;
An online version can be found at
This pape is the base for the V-Ray Lens Effects Filter Generator.