This page introduces V-Ray camera topics and generally how to access them. Please click on the appropriate topic(s) below for the full documentation and proper usage information.


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V-Ray makes full use of the regular SketchUp camera, but can also add certain attributes to add more advanced functionality to a scene camera beyond the regular SketchUp camera controls and attributes. These additional camera functions and controls are accessed in under the Settings in the V-Ray Asset Editor.


Camera Settings

These options include VR and Stereo modes, tools to control the camera like a real camera with Exposure Value (EV) and White Balance in the Basic Camera Settings, and Aperture (F Number), shutter speed (1/s), Film Sensitivity (ISO) in the Advanced Camera Settings other settings; turning the camera into a dome camera; and setting up a stereoscopic camera for rendering left/right pairs of images.  You can also change the camera type and settings for Depth of Field (DoF), and Motion Blur functions for the scene.

For details on these options, see Camera Settings.

Caustics are not support in VR Camera and Stereo Camera modes.

Additional V-Ray Camera Tools

Additional tools are installed in the bin folder with the V-Ray for SketchUp installation that are useful for camera work in V-Ray for SketchUp. For more details on these tools, please see the Camera Tools and Utilities section of this site.