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This page introduces V-Ray Rendering topics and generally how to access them. Please click on the appropriate topic(s) below for the full documentation and proper usage information.


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The V-Ray Render Settings provide control over the parameters that adjust the rendering process. They can be accessed from the Asset Editor in the Render Settings tab.



UI Path: ||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render Settings



Initializing Rendering

A V-Ray render can be initialized in several ways:


UI Paths:

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Render


||V-Ray Frame Buffer|| > Render Last







||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render


||V-Ray Menu|| > V-Ray > V-Ray Render and Options > Render




The V-Ray Asset Editor organizes all of V-Ray's render settings within a Render Settings tab.  The editor can be expanded to expose several rollouts with advanced settings by clicking the right facing arrow. For more details on these parameters, see the additional pages within this section.

The available rollouts change depending on whether Interactive is enabled or disabled in the Renderer rollout. For more information on Interactive Rendering, see the Interactive Rendering in V-Ray page.


Interactive Rendering Off

Interactive rendering is disabled by default. The following rollouts and options are only available in this mode:

  • Renderer – Ability to enable Progressive rendering and adjust Quality options.
  • Camera – Ability to enable Stereo for Stereoscopic renders.
  • Render Output – Exposes Save Image sub-rollout.
  • Raytrace – Exposes the advanced Quality sub-rollout.
  • Global Illumination – Maximum control of GI options and the ability to use the Light Cache and Irradiance Map engines in addition to Brute Foce.


Interactive Rendering Disabled



Interactive Rendering On

When Interactive rendering is enabled, the following changes occur:

  • Raytrace – Ability to adjust the Interactivity option.
  • Global Illumination – Limited control of GI options. Only the Brute Force engine is supported in this mode.
  • Any options or rollouts specific to interactive mode being disabled will be hidden or turned off.


Interactive Rendering Enabled