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 This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for Rhino help for most up-to-date information.


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The V-Ray IES Light is a V-Ray specific light source plugin that can be used to create physically accurate area lights.






Enabled – Turns the VRayLight on and off.

Filter Color – Specifies the color of the light.

IES Light FileSpecifies an .ies file to use for the current light.

Override Intensity – When enabled, allows the user to use the Intensity parameter to override the intensity specified in the .ies file.

Intensity (lm) – Specifies the strength of the light in Lumens when Override Intensity is enabled.






Affect Diffuse – When enabled, the light affects the diffuse properties of the materials. 

Affect Specular – When enabled, the light affects the specular of the materials.

Area Specular When enabled, the specular highlights will be computed with the real light shape as defined in the .ies files. When this parameter is disabled, the specular highlights will be computed using a point light approximation instead of the real shape.

Caustic Subdivs Used by V-Ray when calculating Caustics. Lower values produce noisy results, but will render faster. Higher values produce smoother results, but take more time.

Shadows When enabled (the default), the light casts shadows. When disabled, the light does not cast shadows.


  • Light Color and Intensity may also be adjusted in the Rhino Light Property Panel.