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Date – September 19, 2017

Download – Build 3.60.01

New Feature

  • Support for Nuke 11
  • Support for Full Light Select render element
  • Support for Cryptomatte render element


  • Add control for VRayMtl opacity mode

  • Rename Light Select labels and change default to "Full"

  • Add texture tile type selector in VRayTexBitmap node

  • Support for TexBitmap Filtering


Crash Fixes

  • Adjust VRayMtlSSS user interface limits
  • Changing the VRayProxy filepath knob does not render the newly loaded proxy
  • Nuke Camera's animated focal length parameter is not exported in the VRscene
  • Slow process exit
  • Improve multi-renderer support
  • Incorrect light_select channel is rendered on script load
  • Switching light node connected to first input of Scene node crashes Nuke