This page provides information on the V-Ray Light Rectangle Blueprint.

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The V-Ray Light Rectangle, or area light, is a planar light source with the shape of a rectangle or a circular disc. Rectangle lights are useful for simulating man-made light sources in an interior environment, such as lamps. A rectangle light can one of two possible shapes: plane or disc.


UI Paths

The VRayLightRectBlueprint Actor is accessible through the Modes > V-Ray Assets > VRayLightRect or from VRayForUnreal > Content > BP > Actors > VRayLightRect in the Content Browser Tree. Select the Blueprint and drag and drop it in the level.



||Modes Tab|| > V-Ray Assets VRayLightRect

 ||Content Browser|| > VRayForUnreal > Content > BP > Actors > VRayLightRect



For the VRayForUnreal folder to be visible, you first need to enable Show Engine Content and Show Plugin Content in the View Options of the Content Browser.

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VRayLightRect Settings



Enable – When enabled (the default), the light contributes to the lighting in the level. Disabling it will stop the contribution of the light in the environment.

Is Disc – The VRayLight takes the shape of a planar disc.

Length/ Radius – The length of a Plane light source/radius of the Disc light source, measured in scene units.

Width – The width of the Plane light source, measured in scene units.

Multiplier – Specifies the intensity multiplier in lumens of the rectangle light.

Cast Shadows – When enabled (the default), the light casts shadows. Turn this option off to disable shadow casting for the light.

Color – The color that the light emits.

Directional – The light from the Plane or Disc light is spread out equally in all directions on the side in which the light points. As this parameter is increased toward a value of 1.0, the spread narrows, making the light more directional. A value of 0 the light shines in all directions around the light source. A value of 0.5 pushes the light cone to a 45-degree angle, and a value of 1.0 makes a 90-degree light cone (No effect in viewport).






Invisible – Controls whether the shape of the light source is visible in the rendered image. When this option is disabled, the light source is rendered in the color specified by the Color setting. This option only affects the visibility of the light when seen directly by the camera or through refractions.

Enable After Light Bake – Enable this option only after you have done a light bake in the level.

Affect Diffuse –  Determines whether the light will affect the diffuse portion of the materials. The value controls the light's contribution to the diffuse portion of the materials (No effect in viewport).

Affect Specular –  Determines whether the light will affect the specular portion of the materials. The value controls the light's contribution to specular reflections (No effect in viewport).

Affect Reflections  Determines whether the light source will appear in reflections (No effect in viewport).