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This page introduces the Atmospheric and Environment effects for V-Ray for 3ds Max.

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The Atmospheric and Environment effects in V-Ray simulate fog, atmospheric haze and participating media for a number of image effects. They also include VRayToon, a cartoon-styled non-photorealistic effect that enables toon shading as a render effect throughout the scene.

These effects are available under the Atmosphere rollout on the Effects dialog (Rendering menu > Effects).


Image courtesy of David Lesperance

Atmospheric Effects

The true atmospheric effects provided by V-Ray are:

  • Environment Fog - An atmospheric effect that simulates participating media like fog, atmospheric dust.
  • Aerial Perspective - Simulates the aerial perspective effect, the result of viewing objects from a distance through the Earth's atmosphere. The effect is similar to fog or haze.
  • Sphere Fade Gizmo - A V-Ray specific atmospheric effect that extracts and renders small parts of the scene by putting them in an atmospheric gizmo.




Toon Render Effect

VRayToon is a very simple atmospheric plugin that produces cartoon-style outlines on specific objects in the scene. See the Toon Render Effect page for more information.