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This page contains information on the Fog fade out radius mesh attribute for V-Ray for Maya.

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The Fog fade out radius is an additional Mesh Attribute that can be added to a polygonal object. It allows the user to set a custom fall off radius for each mesh used as an environment volume gizmo. This value will override the Fade out radius set by the environment volume (e.g. VRayEnvironmentFog), but only when Per Object Fade Out Radius is enabled.

When multiple gizmos are used with an environment volume, this attribute should be added to each gizmo. Gizmos without this attribute are assumed to have a fog fade out radius value of 0.

UI Path


||Select mesh|| > Attribute Editor > Attributes menu > VRay > Fog fade out radius








Fog fade out radius – Controls the size of the fog fade out on a per-object basis for geometry. See the Fade Out Radius example below for more information.



Example: Fade Out Radius


In the example below, a cube is used as a volume for the VRayEnvironmentFog.

To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Specify a VRayEnvironmentFog as the Environment volume in the Volumetrics Overrides.
  2. Next, assign a VRayMtl to the cube with its Opacity Map set to black.
  3. Add the cube as a member of the Environment Fog set as shown below.
  4. Finally, add the Fog fade out radius attribute to the cube and enable Per Object Fade Out Radius in the VRayEnvironmentFog attributes.

Note: Versions of V-Ray prior to 3.6 supported disabling the Primary Visibility of the container object. However, this method is deprecated, and setting the Opacity to Black is now recommended.





Fog fade out radius = 0


Fog fade out radius = 5

Fog fade out radius = 20