This section provides an overview of the geometry nodes in V-Ray for Houdini.



 V-Ray adds a number of geometry nodes for use with Houdini, as well as some V-Ray specific properties. See the links below for more information. 



UI Paths



||obj Network|| > Geometry node > V-Ray

||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Geometry > Displacement

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Geometry > Displacement


mat, out and shop Network Geometry

V-Ray provides the following nodes within the mat Network. They can also be used within V-Ray Material Builder nodes in the shop Network as well as within the Render Elements node in the out Network.


obj Network Geometry

V-Ray provides the following nodes inside the Geometry nodes within the obj Network:


V-Ray Additional Properties

These additional V-Ray properties can be applied to a geometry object. For detailed information on each, visit the corresponding page.



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