Official Release

Date - Oct 25, 2018

Download - Build 4.04.01

New features


  • Added support for Maya's playblast feature
  • Isolate selected mode in IPR will now respect selected lights
  • Added support for selecting node groups in isolate selected mode
  • Added support for transformation changes of place3d nodes in IPR
  • Added support for VRaySphereFade and VRaySphereFadeVolume in IPR


  • Bucket rendering now supported with Brute Force GI
  • Added support for dispersion


  • Rolling shutter effect option

Viewport 2.0

  • Preview of VRayHairNextMtl dye color


  • Light blend intensity can now accept textures for better control and rim light effects


  • Added support for user attribute overrides


  • Sample C++ V-Ray plugins buildable with CMake shipped with the V-Ray SDK
  • Added access to vertex colors in GLSL
  • Added a slider for the opacity attribute of VRayLayeredTex
  • Added a search filter option in the Create from V-Ray Plugin menu

V-Ray Menu

  • Added tutorials and documentation links in the V-Ray Menu


  • Added support for sky model change in CUDA IPR


Modified features


  • Removed the _x64 suffix from environmental variables and made old variables work with a warning
  • Added denoise option to Object select render element
  • V-Ray kSolidFractal will now render the same as in V-Ray 3.6
  • Improved viewport IPR performance in Maya 2016.5
  • Improved loading times of large Alembic files in specific cases
  • Improved build time for embree dynamic geometry
  • Improved VRayToon normal and overlap thresholds range
  • Improved OptiX denoiser error messages


  • Attributes added in newer V-Ray versions will now show up in older scenes
  • V-Ray viewport buttons will now appear at the beginning of the layout


  • Improved GPU bucket rendering performance
  • Better load balancing for Hybrid rendering with bucket sampler
  • Adaptive Lights support for Brute Force rendering with Bucket sampler
  • GPU-dependent UI for VRayObjectProperties
  • GPU-dependent UI for VRayCarPaintMtl and VRayFlakesMtl
  • GPU-dependent UI for V-Ray lights
  • GPU-dependent UI for MtlWrapper
  • Added device name in the kernel compilation log message

V-Ray Displacement

  • Modified "Keep continuity" option to weld seams at vertices


  • Selection of sub-materials is now considered in debug shading
  • Refresh IPR when VRayMetaball parameters are modified


  • Material override will now affect Instancer


  • VRayScannedMtl now shows diffuse and bump normals render elements and works better with denoising


  • Proxy node's list of shaders was not available to scripts immediately after creation
  • Invalid XML syntax for proxy material assignment file will now print appropriate error message


  • Updated the label and value range of line width in Toon Edges Override section

V-Ray Cloud

  • No layer token will be created automatically for absolute paths for cloud rendering


  • MaterialSelect render element now works with nested materials


Bug fixes


  • Fixed wrong preview of flip axis on proxy sequence
  • Fixed wrong material export when there are gaps in the MeshMaterial shader array


  • Viewport IPR buttons are not available on copied or hypershade viewport windows
  • VRayLayeredTex was missing a scroll bar
  • Orthographic Views are not working properly in IPR
  • Double specular highlight when rendering VRscan car-paint in GPU


  • Fixed fur behavior when not selected in isolate selected mode

V-Ray/V-Ray GPU

  • Fixed various potential issues uncovered by code analysis


  • Fixed a crash when rendering in bucket mode with no lights in the scene
  • Fixed a crash when deleting wrapped multi/sub- materials
  • Fast SSS2 now renders correctly in VRayLightSelect render element
  • Wrong render of VRayEdgesTex on subdivision surfaces
  • VRayEdgesTex renders black with "show subtriangles" enabled
  • VRayEdgesTex not showing in diffuse channel
  • Rendering with bucket sampler and no scene lights was endless
  • Fixed wrong GI scattering with environment fog gizmo
  • Fixed crash when toggling "Render as subdivision surface" on mesh with V-Ray Edges Tex texture in IPR
  • Fixed crash when changing alembic proxy visibility list in IPR
  • Fixed crash on a specific heavy scene
  • Fixed artifacts with adaptive lights in animation
  • Fixed artifacts in IPR in specific cases
  • Fixed VRayFastSSS2 material leaving artifacts with scatter radius is set to zero
  • Affect background option will now work with bucket sampler on GPU


  • Fixed crash with specific materials


  • DR server will now fail with an error if an asset can't be received
  • Using paint color in specific VRayScannedMtl was not working properly
  • Fixed overbright pixels with adaptive lights
  • Fixed different DR buckets with auto exposure
  • Fixed crash with VRayGLSLMtl
  • Fixed crash when baking to ptex
  • Fixed crash when an empty blendBumpTex is connected to VRayMtl


  • Fixed crash with specific material setup
  • Fixed artifacts with bump multiplier


  • Fixed crash with keep continuity enabled on displaced proxy


  • Fixed compensate exposure for self-illumination


  • Fixed GI component of matte objects missing from LightSelect element Full type


  • Fixed darker result in isolate selected mode when rendering with dome light


  • Fixed a crash with a specific scene


  • Blank framebuffer when comparing images from history after effectResult is generated


  • Fixed crash on Skylake processors


  • Fixed missing velocity due to changed velocity attribute name in newer Maya versions


  • Display Camera Plane now works in isolate selected with debug shading
  • Fixed camera not updating in IPR in Light Cache Fly-through mode
  • Fixed updates on float inputs connected to certain textures' alpha
  • Fixed objects in groups not updating their transforms when changing frame
  • Fixed an error message when executing post translate python scripts in V-Ray Viewport IPR
  • Fixed a crash when creating new objects very quickly
  • Fixed a crash when creating light links in IPR
  • Fixed VRayMtl fog color update in IPR
  • Assigning a material to VRayPlane was not detected in V-Ray IPR


  • Frame stamp was not visible with output image formats with alpha channel

V-Ray GPU/VRayProxy

  • Fixed crash with proxy mesh light with motion blur

V-Ray GPU/VRayEnvironmentFog

  • Fixed incorrect alpha on environment fog gizmos

V-Ray GPU/VRayDomeLight

  • Added support for the "Dim distance" parameter for dome lights on GPU