This page provides information on the Interaction rollout of a Liquid Simulator.


It is strongly recommended that each geometry interacting with the fluid simulation:

  • has no open edges or holes
  • does not self-intersect
  • has normals pointing outwards

Phoenix will try to handle any geometry that does not comply with these conditions, but the simulation might not behave properly - in case of fire/smoke simulations some areas of the simulation could lose velocity and freeze for no apparent reason, and in liquid simulations particle explosions could appear.

This dialog is used to enable/disable the interaction with objects in the scene. There are several different types of objects that may affect the simulation: Sources, Solid objects, Forces, etc.

By default, all these scene elements will interact with the simulator unless otherwise specified by the Include/Exclude list. If you want to disable the interaction you have to put the objects in the Exclude list. If there are more objects that don't need to interact with the simulator, you may alternatively switch to the Include list mode. In this mode you have to add to the list all the objects that you want to interact with the simulator.

Since all forces affect the simulation by default, adding a force in your scene to be used by e.g. PFlow will automatically affect your simulation and this might not be desired. In the Active Forces list you can check which 3ds Max forces interact with the simulator and you may exclude them if you wish so.

 UI Path: ||Select Liquid Simulator | LiquidSim object|| > Modify panel > Interaction rollout





Include/Exclude list | ielist, iemode – Determines which objects will be ignored or processed by the simulation. Use the radio buttons to switch between Include list and Exclude list. When Exclude list is active (the default), all objects in the scene will interact with the simulator unless they are added to the exclusion list. In Include list mode, no objects will interact with the simulator unless they are added to the list. 

Exclude hidden objects | exclhidden – When enabled, the hidden objects will be excluded regardless of the list content.

Exclude Fire/Smoke Sims | exclfiresm  – When enabled, FireSmokeSim objects will not interact with the liquid simulator.



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