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This page provides information about the V-Ray Infinite Plane.



The V-Ray infinite Plane is a very simple option that implements a procedural infinite plane primitive for V-Ray.



UI Paths


||Asset Editor|| > Create Asset > Geometries > Infinite Plane

||Asset Editor|| > Geometries (right-click) > Infinite Plane


||Extensions|| > V-Ray > V-Ray Objects > Infinite Plane

||V-Ray Objects Toolbar|| > Infinite Plane


The V-Ray Infinite Plane does not have any V-Ray specific parameters.


  • When exporting a project from SketchUp to LayOut, you may want to hide the V-Ray objects (proxies, lights, fur, clipper and infinite plane) exposed in the viewport. This is possible by using the Hide V-Ray Widgetsbutton in the V-Ray toolbar.