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Official Release

Date – August 29, 2019

Download  Build 4.20.00


New Features


  • Moved to CORE version 4.20
  • Render resolution and Lightmap Atlas resolution presets
  • Lightmap baking progress bar


  • Support for Cast Shadows option for Static Mesh Actors


  •  Support for "Flip Green Channel" option in Normal textures

Modified Features


  • Improved the import of GeomMeshFile with identical vrmeshes


  • Removed the check for running Epic Games launcher when installing the plugin


  • Improved support for Unreal expressions - VertexColor, ObjectRadius, ObjectPositionWS


Bug Fixes


  • Static Meshes with zero area UVs cause an Exception in CORE error when light baking
  • Camera rotation bug when orbiting around mesh with ALT+Mouse
  • Resolution capped to 11585
  • Assertion crash with viewport rendering when using DX12
  • Preparing scene progress goes above 100%
  • Switching between level maps does not stop rendering or baking process
  • Two Sided option not exporting correctly with VRayMtl, VRayCarpaintUberMtl, VRayPBRMtl