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Beta release

Date – October 30, 2018

Download – Build V-Ray Next for Unreal, beta2


New Features

Light Bake

  • Initial implementation of V-Ray Bake


  •  Initial support for Unreal native materials


  • Added support for Foliage system


  • Initial support for Sequencer animation



  • Added request confirmation about version being uninstalled during installation process 


  • Reworked UI
  • Integrated GPU device select tool in V-Ray Settings
  • Added global Shadow Bias parameter
  • Added Fallback material for use when rendering unsupported materials
  • Added quick settings quality presets slider
  • Added Export VRScene path option
  • Added Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance options
  • Added Undersampling option


  • Support for Depth of Field in VRayPhysicalCamera


  • Improve parity for VRayMtl material  

  • Improved support for SeflIllumination material
  • V-Ray Materials are now included in the packaging/cooking process


  • Updated VRaySunAndSky sky model
  • Added support for Unreal Intensity Units in Lights
  • Added support for 4.20 RectLight
  • Added support for Light Source Angle in Directional Light
  • Added support for default intensity unit at import for Spotlight, Omni, Sphere Light, Rectangle Light


  • Improved support for VRay Proxy (vrmesh)


  • Update responsiveness and speed of IPR
  • Added support for interactive mesh material update
  • Added support for interactive material parameters update
  • Stop renderer when noise threshold is reached in non-interactive session

Render Elements

  • Added support for:
    • NVidia AI Denoiser
    • Background, GI, Lighting, Reflection, Refraction, Specular, Self Illumination, Sub Surface Scattering
    • Diffuse Filter, Reflection Filter, Refraction Filter, Shadows, Atmosphere
    • RenderID
    • Normals, Bump Normals, Sampler Info, Velocity, ZDepth
    • Light Select
    • Sample Rate, Unclamped Color, Noise Level


  • Added dedicated button for opening the VFB
  • Always on top VFB



  • V-Ray Teleport Blueprints separated in an additional plugin